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About Us

Manpower On Demand

Yazwaa Recruitment was founded to build a better service structure for the respective target market, ensuring manpower supply for onshore and offshore Oil & Gas fields all over the UAE. Yazwaa aim to provide consistently excellent service to all our new and existing clients at all times.

Our Commitment

Yazwaa provide value-based services combining knowledge, experience and worldwide network.

Yazwaa build long lasting relationships with clients by helping them achieve precise objectives.

Yazwaa create career opportunities for professionals to perform, prove and excel in their respective areas.

Yazwaa maintain goodwill through honesty, transparency and best business practices.


Yazwaa are supplying more than 1000 workers throughout the UAE. Our recruitment team comes from different countries and can speak to our stead supply of labourers.

Yazwaa have a profound understanding of the international job scene and have designed unique programs to source the pool of talents. We coordinate with our agents and associates around the world to find the right personnel for our clients.

Our wealth of experience and single-minded commitment enable us to provide precise recruitment solutions within the required timeframes.

Our Mission

To provide the best in manpower and recruitment services in the industry. To always ensure our employees are looked after and that our clients receive the service they require.

Our Vision

Yazwaa facilitate a professional environment where talent and opportunities compliment each other so as to further the process of development in both organizational and individual terms. Professional approach proven capabilities.

We supply over 1,000+ workers throughout UAE